Pastoral Support System and Tutor Teams 2016/17 - See below to download the 'Pastoral Support System and Tutor Teams 2016/17 document as a pdf

Year 7:

Our Year Leader for Year 7 is Mrs Janice Meadwell and our Assistant Year Leader is Miss O'Hanlon

Year 7 is a vitally important year for students as they move from life at primary school into the exciting challenges of secondary school. We are committed to making that transition as smooth as possible and work begins in the summer term of Year 6 to prepare pupils for Hamilton. Mrs Meadwell has been at Hamilton for a number of years and is well known by our primary schools, which makes settling students into Year 7 so much easier as they have been visited whilst still at Primary.

Once they are with us, we run a very successful Helping Hands Scheme to support pupils as they settle in. Older students from across the college volunteer to give assistance to any student who might be in need of help, whether that is with directions to a class; what to do at break time; or who to turn to for more information, our Helping Hands are on hand to 'lend a hand'. Volunteers are easily identified by their purple badge. In addition Miss O'Hanlon is available to support students each day, and can be found in the Year 7 Tutor Area each morning.

There are plenty of clubs for Yr7s to get involved with and there is bound to be something to suit every taste from sports to arts and from movies to computers there is a club for everyone, every day!

In Year 7 students also get the opportunity to go on trips. Last year, Year 7 went off to Warwick Castle with the Humanities team and had a brilliant time discovering all about this historic building. Students also get the opportunity to take part in our annual reward trips visits: Snowdome, Drayton Manor and Ice Skating are firm favourites of ours.

Year 8:

Our Year 8 Pastoral Officer is Tabatha Connor and our Assistant Year Leader is Paul Clifton.

Year 8 is all about building strong bonds with your tutor group as it is likely that this is the one that you will stay in for your time at Hamilton.To help you to do that we run a number of inter-form activities and competitions such our weekly quiz where the rivalry amongst tutor groups is fierce In addition, we also have prizes for the forms with the highest attendance and the best punctuality to encourage good habits and great routines for learning.

Each tutor group will also take a turn at performing an assembly for the year groups up to each form to decide what the content will be but we have had some really interesting ones in the past and its a great opportunity to showcase the amazing talent that is present in our Year Group.

Year 8 Tutorials are also really interesting and we are often lucky enough to have outside visitors and speakers in to present to us on a range of topics. Our annual Enterprise Day is also a great event; this year we worked alongside Natwest Bank with pupils taking on a range of roles and responsibilities which mirror those in the real world.

Of course, Year 8s also have the opportunities to go out of trips too. Last year, we enjoyed a fantastic trip to London to Shakespeare's Globe theatre to see Much Ado about Nothing and a cruise down the river Thames. In addition, Year 8s enjoyed similar rewards trips to Year 7s Drayton Manor, Alton Towers and the Snowdome to name but a few!

Year 9:

Our Year 9 Pastoral Achievement Coordinator is Donna Brown and our Assistant Year Leader is NIcola Roberts.

Year 9 is a vitally important year because students begin to think about their futures and, towards the end of the academic year, will make decisions about their Wider Courses.

It is important that pupils fully immerse themselves in all that their subjects have to offer this year, get involved in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible and attend Study Support sessions as, in the spring of Year 9, students will be guided towards choosing their courses for GCSE study.

Year 9 is also a great time to think about taking on extra responsibilities around the college, as this can look great on a future college application. Students can take up positions in the library for example or in Year 7 tutor groups where their help and assistance is always valued.

In Year 9 you will be rewarded for excellent punctuality, attendance and tracking through our PAT system. You can win gift vouchers; an invite to an Attendance Party; free trips and I Pods amongst other prizes for working hard, attending every day, being on time and being motivated to learn.

Year 9 have also been on trips this year and have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to go to the theatre to see The Diary of Ann Frank as part of their Humanities study. This was a very emotional performance. We also get to go on reward trips to theme parks for improved tracking and good behaviour at the end of term.

Overall, you all love Year 9s a great place to learn, make friends and have fun.

Our Head of Year 10 is Samantha Davey and our Assistant Head of year is Pat Loveday.

In Year 10 we, as your tutors, are well aware that beginning your GCSE courses can bring a new set of challenges and we are always on hand to support you and listen to you. Both Mrs Davey (In P.E) and Ms Loveday (In Science) have an Open Door policy for any student and will always be available to give assistance when necessary.

There are many extra-curricular and Study Support opportunities available to Year 10 students to help them to settle in to the demands of GCSEs. Check the Study Support Timetable for Year 10 for more details - each subject area will hold regular sessions to help pupils to achieve their very best.

In Tutorials and PSHE time we often have visiting speakers who deliver presentations on a variety of aspects of pupils' personal and social development to compliment academic success. For example, The Department for Education commended Hamilton as the first school in Leicester to embed Act Now, an interactive counter terrorism programme which helps pupils to understand the work of the Police in connection with the very sensitive issue of terrorism.

The opportunity to take on greater responsibility across the college increases in Year 10 and this can look great on your college application. For example, students can take part in becoming a leader at the school's WISPA club to encourage younger students to get involved in sport and be an active role model on a weekly basis. In addition, many Year 10 pupils are very actively involved as Student Leaders and work to bring about change at the college in connection with a whole host of issues from new toilet facilities, new PE kit and even charity work in overseas. Some of our students have close links with the Netherhall Special School giving up their time to play sports and other activities encouraging inclusion and a widening perspective of other areas of education.

Something new for Year 10 this year, is that every student will have the opportunity to 'buddy' up with another pupil within the year group who has similar future aspirations to allow them to work collaboratively in working towards their future goals, allowing for a support network to achieve those goals.

Rewards, Trips and Visits are also important in Year 10. Pupils will be Able to collect reward points for outstanding effort and contribution within school. The vouchers will equate to different points and pupils will be able to trade in the vouchers for prizes

Year 11:

Our Pastoral Achievement Coordinator is Jane Parn and our Assistant Head of year is Mr Patel

In Year 11 every effort is made to ensure that students achieve their full potential academically and personally so that they can leave Hamilton ready for the next phase in their education, employment or training.

Tutors and Ms Parn work together to guarantee that students are supported through the challenges of completing GCSE courses and are secure in the knowledge that they have someone that they can turn to for support and guidance through these crucial months ahead.

The focus in this year is securing the best possible examination results in line with each students potential. Subject teachers work exceptionally hard to ensure that every child achieves their very best and will encourage attendance at a range of Study Support opportunities to make sure that happens see Study Support Timetable for Year 11.

In Tutorial time we complete our UCAS forms (college applications) and all pupils will have a Careers interview, where advice and guidance on future pathways is offered. In addition, all pupils have a mock college interview with detailed feedback before they go out on the real thing through our Leicestershire Cares Programme which is a great opportunity to fully prepare for such an important event.

Maintaining a great routine of high attendance and punctuality is also crucial as Further Education Colleges will look at this data when considering applications. Students are encouraged to strive for excellent standards here and are rewarded with money off their Prom ticket through our Attendance Lottery scheme.

Obviously, its important to look forward to some down time in Year 11 to ease the pressure of studying for exams. One of the most important events of the Year 11 calendar is our annual prom. This is always an eagerly awaited evening and celebrates the end of students time at Hamilton. Previous venues have included Leicester City King Power Stadium, Leicester Race Course, Beadles Lake and Beaumanor Hall.

Year 11 is a great Year we work hard to bring about great results for our futures!